Monday, May 23, 2011

May Face Painting at the Market!

This weekend we had face painting at the market! May gray didn't keep market patrons away and we had a great time with kids that came to the Info Booth to transform themselves into tigers, dragons, and fairy princesses. One of our vendors even got involved because everyone was having so much fun!

Join us next week for our monthly Visiting Chef Series. We'll be hosting Hillcrest's anxiously anticipated Brazen Barbecue at the heart of the market at 1pm!

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Monday, May 16, 2011

Fish Throwing Competition at the Market!

This week was WILD at the market as we paired up with Bristol Bay Salmon Co. for a Pike's Place inspired fish throwing competition! Bristol Bay Salmon Co. sells wild caught salmon every week at the farmers market until owner Jarret Stevens goes away for the summer on a fishing expedition!

We kicked off after 12:30 and had a mass of people waiting to toss fish. People paired up with friends, family, and even strangers and wrapped themselves in disposable gloves and aprons before lining up across from each other at the center of the market.

We had an absolute awesome time pulling people out of the crowd to toss fish across the width of Normal Street! In our winners face off round we had a pair of young brothers against a young couple for a chance to win $25 of merchandise from Bristol Bay Salmon Co. Check out all of our photos on Flickr or Facebook!

Join us next week for face painting at the Info Booth, followed by our monthly Visiting Chef Series on May 29!

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Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day at the Market

Happy Mother's Day to you and yours!

What a great day at the market! Many of our usual market goers came by with their families yesterday to get some fresh food for a Mother's Day celebration, and stopped by the Info Booth to pot flowers for some of the special ladies in their life. We brought in some pretty pink, purple and white annuals and potted them in biodegradable pots that kids got to decorate with markers and crayons, and some even decorated pictures and notes to attach to a wooden skewer to stick in the dirt!

Next week we have our Pike's Place inspired Fish Throwing Competition. We'll be giving away prizes to the winners of each round, and then will have a grand prize at the end for the ultimate fish throwing winners!

Join us May 22 for Face Painting, May 29 for our monthly Visiting Chef Series with Chef Mary-Jo, and June 5 to create your own Sun Catcher! For our full calendar, and all other market needs visit us at

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Kicking off May at the Market

This past Sunday was the first day of May (which means we will have a Friday the 13th this month!) and we had some Wild Card Arts & Crafts going on at the market. Kids came by and used everything in the craft box- yarn, glue, paper, crayons, markers, silver spray painted noodles, fuzz balls, and even googly eyes to create fun and funky designs. It was an absolutely gorgeous day and we even got an opportunity to pick up some of Sage Mountain Farms' delicious golden and red beets, as well as some oysters from Poppa's Fresh Fish Company.

This upcoming week at the market we will be celebrating moms everywhere by planting fresh flowers in biodegradable pots and decorating them. On May 15 we will have a Pike Place inspired Fish Throwing Competition starting at 12:30 at the heart of the market.

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Stay Fresh and Fabulous, we'll see you Sunday!