Friday, January 22, 2010

Five ways to be green at the Hillcrest Farmers Market!

Here are five ways you can start being environmentally friendly at the Hillcrest Farmers Market:

  1. Purchase a Hillcrest Farmers Market grocery bag for $10 at the information booth and use it to carry your produce instead of plastic bags.

  2. Bring your own containers! Put your berries, tomatoes, nuts, dried fruit, etc. in a reusable container (quart sized yogurt containers work great), instead of taking the bags and baskets that they are sold in.

  3. By using your own sustainable beverage container and utensils you can save the plastic ware given out at the market.

  4. Walk or ride your bike to the farmers market. Get some exercise and work up an appetite!

  5. Make sure you utilize the recycling bins that are provided throughout the market.

Don’t forget!

This Sunday, January 24th is the start of the Hillcrest Farmers Market Visiting Chef Series! To purchase tickets and guarantee yourself a market tour, a sample of Jeff’s meal and a front row seat for the demonstration, visit

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