Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Plenty of butterflies were spotted leaving the information booth at the Hillcrest Farmers Market last Sunday, July 15th, although none took flight. It was arts and crafts day at the market where beautiful butterfly crafts were created. With imaginations on overdrive several modifications to the butterflies emerged, from the addition of googly-eyes, to attaching butterflies to popsicle-sticks so they could "fly", to creating dragonflies! Disregarding the water soluble stains the project left behind and the finicky weather it was another great arts and crafts day at the market.

Upcoming Events

August 8th: Get in the spirit of CityFest early! Join us for magic, balloon animals, and airbrush tattoos to prepare for CityFest later in the day.

August 15th: Another Artist at the Market will be on display at the information booth. Come and see how farmers market inspired jewelry is created.

August 22nd: Arts & Crafts day at the market is back with another summer inspired craft.
August 29th: The Visiting Chef series returns with Rashida McElve from Edgy Edibles. Join us in the heart of the market from 1-2pm for a live cooking demonstration.

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