Monday, December 13, 2010

New Vendors at the Hillcrest Farmers Market!

There are a few new faces at the Hillcrest Farmers Market that you’ll be seeing each week. From seafood to cheeses these new vendors are sure to satisfy your taste-buds.

Poppa’s Fresh Fish Company, headed by Mark, offers delicious ready-to-eat treats such as shrimp and fish tacos, fresh sea urchins, and homemade ceviche. All prepared food is made with Poppa’s fresh seafood and fresh ingredients from other farmers market vendors. Alongside their prepared food Poppa’s offers fresh, never frozen, fish filleted right before the market. Dedicated to increasing the population of local seafood lovers, Mark is willing to give any market patron a quick tutorial on how to cook any piece of fish and recipes that work well. If you’re looking for a specific piece or type of fish Poppa’s also takes special orders. To learn more about Poppa’s Fresh Fish Company visit their Facebook page!

SonRise Ranch brings free-range chicken, beef, and pork to the Hillcrest Farmers Market. With many cuts available visitors are sure to find what they want. All the beef products have been one-hundred percent grass-fed from start to finish and all products have no antibiotics or hormones. The ranch prides itself on its self-sustaining, rotational feeding model where the different animals are put to roam at varying times in the same pastures.

TASTE Artisan Cheese will be providing the Hillcrest Farmers Market with an assortment of cheeses each week. Mary, who runs the booth, warns not to come expecting a certain cheese as the product offering will change each week. To see what cheeses will be offered each week join the TASTE mailing list on their website. The two cheeses that Mary does promise to have in stock every week are ricotta and burrata. Wondering how you will get your cheese before it sells out and needing time to shop further at the market? No worries, TASTE provides a “Park your Cheese” service where they will keep your purchased cheese cool until you have finished the rest of your shopping.

Make sure you visit these and all the other vendors at the Hillcrest Farmers Market each Sunday from 9am-2pm!

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