Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Artist at the Market

Hillcrest hosted a live art demonstration and mini gallery last Sunday at the Farmers Market. The local artists that were featured were twin sisters, Nicole and Roxanne Mather. Nicole and Roxanne received their Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees from the University of California, San Diego. Their technique consists of acrylic and oil paintings on canvas and wooden material. This dynamic duo is community-oriented, beautifying local private and public spaces. Roxanne’s artwork will be featured in Hillcrest’s newest nightclub, Eden; available for your viewing pleasure at the club’s grand opening.

Our artists entertained us with their inspiring talents during a live art demonstration that took place throughout the entire market day. On-lookers stopped to watch them paint three creative and fun artworks and were able to look through their entire collection, they had plenty to choose from!

If you are interested in more of their work, contact Nicole or visit Roxanne's website!

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