Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tie Dye @ the Market!

What an intense and awesome event! This week at the market we had our weekly market goers bring items to tie dye, and had t-shirts available on hand for those who passed by and wanted to join in.

We laid down a plastic drop cloth, and lined up 4 packs of dye supplies: plastic gloves, rubber bands, bottles of dye, and plastic bags with a "How To Once You're Home" sheet. As kids waited their turn to dye, they looked on to see what was going on and got some pretty funky ideas.

Everyone from tots to mom and dad got down and dyed at the market. We started off slowly, but from 10:30a-2p we were packed with people waiting for their chance to create a psychedelic tee.

Make sure you check back with www.hillcrestfarmersmarket.com for awesome upcoming events, and all of your market needs!

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