Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Getting groovy at the Hillcrest Farmers Market

This weekend at the Hillcrest Farmers Market we tie-dyed! It was as awesome in August as it was in March when we did it the first time. We had kids and adults tie-dying and helping each other out.

It was quite the sight, really, because we had more adults participate this time around than kids. At one point we only had adults in the booth tie-dying! It was amusing to get everyone down on the ground, and especially because they had never done it before. Everyone helped each other out, and we got some groovy designs out of the whole thing. We even kept most of the dye on the t-shirts and not on ourselves!

Next Sunday we'll be celebrating CityFest on 5th & University Avenue's from Noon - 9pm. There will be a brand new Hillcrest sign and we're relighting it at 8pm. We WILL be at the farmers market this weekend and there will be face painting and a balloon guy to get in the CityFest spirit. Stop by and hang out with us first and then take the free shuttle straight over to CityFest from the DMV lot.

Check back here and on for all of your market updates! We look forward to seeing you this weekend! Stay fresh and fabulous!

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