Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Visiting Chef Series

This weekend at the Hillcrest Farmers Market we had our Visiting Chef Series! It was quite the treat to have these chefs come by and whip up some delicious foods! We were joined by Chef Bernard Guillas and Chef Ron Oliver from the Marine Room in La Jolla. The two prepared a scrumptious dessert called Hibiscus Lemon Tart. Because the dessert required some baking and overnight refrigeration, in addition to the cooking lesson, the chefs brought some of their pre-made Hibisbus Lemon Tart!

Chef Bernard started off demonstrating how to make the

Hibiscus Lemon Curd. He whisked some eggs and sugar in a mixing bowl which was followed by the addition of some flour and baking powder. He added some fresh lemon juice, zest and some hibiscus flowers. He then placed the bowl over a pot of simmering water without letting it touch the water. He added some butter and Lemoncello and whisked it until it was thick.

Chef Ron taught us how to make the Almond Cumin Crunch. He started off by buttering the tart pan, and then he creamed some butter, sugar and vanilla in a large mixing bowl. Then came in the almond meal, cumin seeds, flour and some eggs. He combined everything to make it into dough and kneaded it into the sides of the pan. We were told to bake it. He had an already made Almond Cumin Crunch, which Chef Bernard poured the tart into it. They informed it would be best to refrigerate it overnight.

When it was all done he cut some slices of the Hibiscus Lemon Tart and passed it off to B who topped it with some whip creme. YUM! It was the perfect sweet goodie for the afternoon.

Check back here and on hillcrestfarmersmarket.com for all of your market updates! Stay fresh and fabulous! We’ll see you next week! The Hillcrest Farmers Market WILL BE CLOSED DECEMBER 25TH AND JANUARY 1ST! It will return January 8th

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